The federal judge presiding over the UAW's job transfer lawsuit against General Motors asked about the progress of ongoing labor negotiations before delaying further hearings in the case.

According to court records, during Monday's telephone hearing involving lawyers for GM and the union, U.S. District Court Judge Juanita Pearson asked about the status of bargaining for a new collective bargaining agreement to replace the current contract set to expire late Saturday.

Attorneys for both sides could only report that contract talks were still going on.

The union's lawsuit claims that while GM refused requests by workers laid-off from the now-closed Lordstown plant to transfer to GM's pickup truck plant in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the company continued using temporary non-union workers at the Indiana plant.

The union alleges that GM is in violation of a memorandum of understanding with the UAW allowing GM to hire temporary employees from May 31, 2018, through August 31, 2018, to support the launch of a new pickup truck.

Hearings in the case were already delayed earlier after the union reported that a July 13 fire at it's Detroit headquarters destroyed some documents needed for the case.

On Monday, union attorneys said they expected it would be another two months before the information on those documents could be recovered.

At the request of both the union and the company, Judge Pearson once again delayed the next hearing, this time until November 4.

Grievances and lawsuits between businesses and unions are sometimes settled at the contract bargaining table instead of the courts. However, there has been no indication from GM or the UAW that the current lawsuit has become a bargaining issue.