A student at Warren Lincoln PK-8 was searched and questioned after he is accused of making a threat involving a weapon. 

On Septemeber 9, just after 12:30 pm, the school's resource officer was advised by the school's 6-8 principal that a student was brought to the school's office because he allegedly made a threat that involved a weapon. 

Police searched the student's backpack and locker, but they did not find a weapon. 

According to the report, when the school's student resource officer approached the student, he started crying. The student reportedly told school officials that he was just joking and did not mean anything by it. 

Police asked the student if he had access to a weapon at home, which he replied that he did, but he would never bring it to school. 

According to authorities, the student was picked up by his mother, who was informed of the alleged threat. 

Although the report states that the student could be facing a charge of inducing panic, police say that they are going to consult with the juvenile prosecutor. 

The school released the following statement: 

Yesterday afternoon a building administrator investigated a concern in which a student made a comment regarding having a weapon, which was not true. The concern was taken very seriously and was resolved as a student discipline issue. The matter was referred to a district SRO for review with the course of action to be determined in consultation with the juvenile prosecutor.
The safety and well-being of our students and staff remains our highest priority. 

-Warren City Schools Superintendent Steve Chiaro

The school seems to be handling the incident internally.