Attorney General Dave Yost, along with the Central Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force, announced Friday that they finished a human trafficking operation.

Over 30 law enforcement agencies including the Austintown Police Department, Mahoning County Human Trafficking Task Force, and Mahoning County Sheriff's Department aided in the investigation.

The partnership yielded 104 arrests along with 54 felony charges.

"You don't know when a man buys sex whether it's genuine consent or, rather, the victim is being forced with a baseball bat, a knife or the next hit of heroin," Yost said. "When you hear a man talking about buying sex, he never says, 'I'm buying a woman.' He talks about a w---e, a s--t, a piece – and that's because saying what is really happening is too close to the truth for them to handle. People who think and talk like that know in their heart of hearts – it's slavery."

According to the release, part of the initiative focused on those looking to engage in sexual acts with those believed to be minors. That portion yielded 24 arrests for importuning and attempted unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.

"We are committed to fighting human trafficking and pursuing those that solicit sex with underage minors. Predators that seek to harm children know no boundaries and the Mahoning County Sheriff's Office is proud to assist in these operations. They're not going so we're not going away," said Mahoning County Sheriff Jerry Greene.

No one arrested in the sting was from the Valley.