Students from one local school were recently rewarded for tackling a growing issue among young people.

Several Western Reserve High School students won first place for a documentary at the 7th annual Friends 4 Friends Campaign Film Festival.

They wanted to raise awareness about a growing problem that's difficult to talk about.

Students at Western Reserve high school created a documentary about sexting, that's where people exchange naked pictures of themselves on their cell phones. Pictures that more often than not eventually get used against them.

"It's definitely progressively getting worse and reaching younger kids I feel like. Now I hear about it even more in middle school. If we don't stop it now it's going to reach younger kids," said Raeghan Hilton. 

Juniors, Hilton and Madeleine Wills, are hosts of the documentary. They interview experts who explain the ramifications of sexting.

The school's principal says he's proud of everyone's hard work.

"We have a large number of students involved in it from the development, the writing, and the filming, the music, it was custom music," said Dallas Saunders 

The story of one young girl is particularly heartbreaking.

"She was like 16 or 17 at the time. She was involved in one of these things and her boyfriend and got mad at her after the broke up, and he showed her pictures everywhere, and she actually ended up killing herself," said Wills.

The documentary is about ten minutes long.

You can check it out here.