Twenty-seven-year-old Kylie Wendell was told she had pneumonia for more than a year.

The 2010 Crestview High School graduate finally took matters into her own hands and decided to see a pulmonologist.

She was sent to a Pittsburgh hospital, where she was diagnosed with viral cardiomyopathy a few years ago.

"When I got there,  they had said I was just so far gone to the point where my heart was not able to be saved," said Wendell. "They inserted what is called the LVAD (a left ventricular assist device), and that is what I am wearing here today. It functions the entire left side of the heart for me, and I just go day to day with it on and do my normal activities."

Wendell now awaits a heart transplant. 

To help pay for her medical bills, Kylie's family organized a spaghetti dinner Saturday evening at the New Waterford United Methodist Church.

Dozens of people volunteered, donated, and showed up to help out.

"We can't thank them enough," said Wendell. 

You can help Wendell as she awaits her heart transplant through the National Foundation for Transplants here.