A Youngstown man is facing multiple charges after allegedly attacking a police officer.

According to the report, an officer went to an apartment at 2600 Tyrell Avenue in connection to a domestic dispute around 3:30 a.m. Monday.

Police say 20-year Cavante Tabb was still at the apartment at the time and was begging the victim not to press domestic violence charges.

Officers say the victim wanted to press charges and said she did not feel safe.

According to the report, Tabb became angry and attempted to push the victim down, causing the officer to tackle him.

Reports say Tabb fell on his stomach, and the officer attempted to handcuff him from a mounted position.

Police say Tabb resisted and tried to get out from underneath the officer while refusing his commands.

Tabb allegedly yelled "why are you doing this, don't do this" at the victim referring to her desire to press charges.

Reports say the victim told Tabb, "you are not going to hit me anymore," causing Tabb's demeanor to change.

Police say Tabb became enraged and began to fight harder, telling the officer, "I'm not going to jail, you're going to have to kill me."

According to the report, Tabb was able to start to get out from underneath the officer while screaming, "you are not going to have to kill me," followed by "I will kill you!"

Police say Tabb attempted to grab the officer's gun and was able to open the strap and grab the handle.

Reports say the officer elbowed Tabb several times in the back of the head and put him in an armbar, causing him to release the weapon.

According to the report, Tabb stopped resisting, and other officers came to the scene.

Reports say several residents were belligerent and taunted officers as Tabb was placed in the cruiser and officers investigated.