The City of Newton Falls has a new mayor just a month before the mayoral election is set to take place in November.

Lyle Waddell resigned from the position Monday night after he was appointed to the vacated 3rd Ward council seat during the city council meeting.

Ward 3 Councilman John Baryak was immediately appointed "Acting Mayor" of Newton Fall because he's the vice president of city council.

Baryak doesn't believe Waddell's move into another city role is something the voters would want.

"The voters went to a charter referendum, and they voted 2-1 not to give anyone eight years," Baryak said. "I think the mayor should have had the courtesy to step aside and do the right thing."

Tesa Spletzer, who also lives in the 3rd Ward, applied for the council position on Saturday.

Under the city's charter, city council had 60 days to name the appointment for the council position.

City Law Director Joseph Frtiz says Spletzer missed the August 30 deadline to apply. He says Waddell's transition followed the city's charter rules.

"We followed the parameters of the law properly," Fritz said.

Meanwhile, Waddell is brushing off the term limits concern, arguing the council seat is a different position.

Waddell says he wants to continue working on efforts to bring new businesses into the city, particularly the Route 5 area, where the city obtained land through a recent annexation.

"I thought that this would be a way to certainly work and continue the economic development and growth that we're currently trying to do for our community," Waddell said.

In another twist, voters will be asked in November whether they want to remove Baryak from his 2nd Ward council seat amid allegations of illegal conduct in office.