Being able to enjoy beer or wine socially along city streets is becoming more of a reality in communities all across Ohio.
Salem is looking to join that growing list, but still working out the details.
Columbiana is already doing it for special events, and other communities like Downtown Canton also allow open containers on their city streets daily.
They're called "Designated Outdoor Refreshment Areas," or DORAs,  and they're popping up in communities all across the state.
"I don't want Salem to miss the boat," said Councilwoman Cyndi Baronzzi Dickey.
Dickey spearhead a council meeting with business owners exploring the idea for Salem on Tuesday evening.
"The rules for the DORA can be set by the city council, as far as when we want to have it, how often we want to have it," said Dickey. "As long as they fall within the Ohio Revised Codes law."
Business owners in attendance all spoke in support of the idea and tossed-out ideas of when the city could offer the DORA.
"Perhaps every Saturday every week to try and see how it goes," said one business owner.
"I would like to see it be regular, every Friday, Saturday, every Thursday, Friday, Saturday," explained one downtown building owner. "Because of the marketing," she explained.
And while everyone on council seemed to agree that it's an idea they want to move forward with, at least one councilman did offer some words of caution on how they proceed.
"This is not free. So no matter how we look at it, we will need additional manpower from the street department. It's going to need additional manpower obviously from the police department," said Councilman Geoff Goll.
The goal is to be up and running by spring.