A four-legged Springfield Township Police Officer who helped catch crooks and sniff out drugs is putting away his badge.

The police department is having a retirement party Sunday and raising money for his replacement.

Officer Glenn Corey says the department will be sharing cake and coffee with members of the public to celebrate the retirement of his partner K-9 Dany who began his service on April 2012.

The public is invited to the party Sunday from noon until 3 pm at Township Fire Station #21, 3989 East Middletown Road.

Dany was purchased and trained using the money raised by donations from businesses and members of the community.

Now that Dany is retiring, a new fundraising effort is underway to pay for a new K-9 officer.

In addition to crime-fighting, police say Dany and officer Corey have presented many demonstrations to community groups, promoting a positive relationship between the department and the public.

Tax-deductible donations will be accepted at the party by the Springfield Township Police Department K-9 Donation Fund.