Struthers police are looking into a dispute involving two candidates who want to be the city's next mayor. 

Catherine Cercone Miller and Robert Carcelli are involved in a feisty campaign to win the mayor's office in Struthers.

Miller works for the city prosecutor on the second floor of city hall. According to a police report, she called down to the police department on Monday and stated an officer was needed upstairs. Two officers, who were in the building, went to the second floor and spoke with Miller, who, according to the report, told them Carcelli insisted on serving her with a request for a formal debate. 

The officers' report states that Miller told them she would not discuss personal campaign issues while she was on her job for the city.

The officers conveyed that message to Carcelli, and he left the building. He later sent a letter to the prosecutor, police, and the mayor claiming Miller falsified the police report.  Stating in the letter, "I was never in her presence, nor was I in her office,"

Miller says that is true and that the original police report was corrected to reflect that Carcelli was in the hallway outside her office door.

Police Chief Tim Roddy says they are conducting more interviews and will view video from cameras on the second floor. He expects to resolve the matter in a few days.