There's a call for Poland trustees to place one of their officers on unpaid leave until a $33-million civil lawsuit is resolved. 

"We in Poland need to focus on what is best for our community," said 72-year-old Karen Bush as she stood before Poland Trustees and read a prepared statement. 
Bush is the mother of the man convicted of severely beating and killing 14-year-old Teddy Foltz back in 2013.
Her statement details a questionable past of current Poland officer Jeffrey Lewis.
"Lewis was terminated by the Youngstown Police Department in 2001," read Bush.
Bush referred to a previous Vindicator article to help back her statements.
"An internal investigation found him guilty of numerous due process rights violation by falsifying criminal reports and withholding a witness. The city was sued for $1 million...," continued Bush.
Bush's 49-year-old son, Zaryl Bush, also names Officer Lewis in a $33 million lawsuit against the City of Struthers. Zaryl Bush, whose currently serving a 33 year to life sentence, for the death of 14-year-old Teddy Foltz back in 2013, alleges that evidence against him was either altered or manipulated and that a search warrant was illegally obtained.
"We can not afford to turn a blind eye to the facts of Lewis' pattern of misconduct as a public servant," said Karen Bush.
Poland Township Police Chief Brian Goodin said since Lewis' employment with the township in 2014; he has done nothing that would justify a suspension. Trustees opted not to say much, saying this is a pending civil suit dealing with Struthers - not dealing with Poland.
Attempts by 21 News to reach Officer Jeffrey Lewis for comment were not successful.
"Please do the right thing to keep our community safe and free from corruption," said Karen Bush.