An East Liverpool woman is suing a giant chemical company alleging that weed killer it manufactured caused her to contract cancer.

Bobbie Riley is the plaintiff in a negligence lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court against Monsanto, the maker of popular herbicide Roundup.

The 54-page complaint filed by Cleveland personal injury lawyer Peter Weinberger alleges that the company continued selling Roundup in spite of evidence that one of its active ingredients, glyphosate, was long known to be a cancer-causing carcinogen.

In her complaint, Riley says she used Roundup at her home several times a year from 2006 to 2016. In 2011, doctors diagnosed Riley with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, which the complaint alleges was due to the use of the herbicide.

Just over one year ago, a jury California awarded damages totaling nearly $290 million after a man sued Monsanto claiming his cancer was caused by glyphosate in the company's herbicides.

Since then, several law firms have been soliciting cases from other people who feel they have been a victim.

Monsanto, which has since been purchased by Bayer, issued a statement saying the verdict in the California case was wrong, and that glyphosate has had a 40-year history of safe use.

Riley's complaint alleges breach of warranty, claiming that there is an inherent design defect in Roundup and that Monsanto was negligent for failing to warn consumers of the safety risks.

The lawsuit doesn't list a specific dollar amount but seeks triple the amount of damages and punitive damages. She is asking for a jury trial.