A Niles man is in jail after police say he kidnapped his 16-month-old daughter and hid in the woods for four hours in 40-degree weather.

Miguel Angel Pardo II, 28, was arrested early Thursday on charges of kidnapping and domestic violence following a search that involved several police departments.

A 31-year-old woman called 911 late Wednesday, claiming that Pardo had assaulted her and taken their 16-month-old daughter into the woods.

Police were unable to get a K9 to help track Pardo but asked law enforcement agencies throughout the area to be on the lookout for Pardo and the child while Niles Police officers searched the area.

State officials decided not to issue an Amber Alert because the child was with her father, and it couldn't be determined if the girl was in danger.

Four hours after the search began, the child's mother called the police to report that her daughter and Pardo had returned home.

When Pardo refused to come out, the police searched the home until they found him.

Pardo claimed he fled from the home because his daughter's mom had assaulted him.

An officer says he asked Pardo why he hid in the woods on a 40-degree night with his 16-month-old daughter for four hours. According to the police report, Pardo didn't answer and was placed in handcuffs.

While Pardo and the child were still missing, the little girl's mother said she gave Pardo's best friend $20 for gasoline so he could take part in the search.

Investigators say the “best friend” never helped look for Pardo.

Thinking Pardo might be with the friend, police traced his phone and found the friend with a prostitute and drug paraphernalia on Dana Street in Warren.