A Howland elementary school student was removed from school after the principal found a knife in their backpack.

A school spokeswoman said the child brought the knife to Howland Springs Elementary School on Wednesday. 

That school houses Kindergarten and first-grade students. 

The principal made the superintendent aware of the situation.

Disciplinary action was taken, and an all-call was sent out to parents.

The spokeswoman said this was an isolated incident, and no threat was made. 

It's not known what kind of knife the child brought to the school. 

The superintendent sent 21 News this statement that was sent to parents.

“Good afternoon.  After responding to a report, we found a knife in a student’s book bag today.  Immediate action was taken and the student was removed from school to ensure the safety of our students, as a precautionary measure until an investigation is concluded.   HPD School Resource Officer has been informed and we are confident this is an isolated incident and no current threat exists.  We take these matters seriously and can assure you appropriate actions will continue to be take be taken.  Have a safe evening.” -Howland Superintendent Kevin Spicher


Spicher said they follow a serious of stringent protocols before any student returns to school following an incident of this nature to ensure they are confident students and staff can feel safe.