Many people in business and finance are watching what will come out of meetings in Washington on Friday between President Trump and Chinese officials.

U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross says tariffs are forcing China to pay attention to U.S. concerns.

A significant defense contract keeps the furnaces glowing hot at North American Forgemasters in New Castle, a member of the Ellwood Group.

On Thursday, Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer got a first-hand look at how the mill uses only American steel to manufacture propulsion shafts for U.S. Navy ships and submarines; a contract that was awarded under the Obama administration.

The Secretary was joined by Dr. Peter Navarro, White House Director of Trade and Manufacturing, who said tariffs have helped to revitalize the steel industry.

"Remember, without the tariffs, the aluminum industry was about to go extinct, and the steel industry was on life support," said Navarro.

At the same time, just up the road, the tariffs have been costing NLMK in Farrell millions of dollars and forcing layoffs. The company's raw material is not available in the U.S., but it was denied a waiver on the tariffs. 

"They've paid nearly $150 million since the policy's been enacted. How can a company like that payout that much before it ends up causing them to close their doors," Randy Seitz of the Penn Northwest Development group said. 

Navarro explained they are aware of companies like NLMK but offered no specific solution. 

"Exclusions and we're trying to strengthen the tariffs as well where there might be companies hurt by it," he said.

Seitz said he supports tariffs if it brings jobs and business back to the U.S., but in cases such as NLMK, the current policy is flawed.

"It needs to be looked at and changed," he said. 

David Barensfeld, Chairman of the Board of Ellwood, told the crowd they are happy with the tariffs, but he feels foreign trade agreements need to more clearly defined. 

"You can't just have a blanket answer. It depends on the trading policies and what their policies are in their country. We want a fair trade system," said Barensfeld.