October 11

1994: Youngstown Board of Education member Don L Hanni III proposes that the district save $700,000 by cutting teacher salaries by $671 a year. Board members Bob Bush and Sarah Brown-Clark say the proposal is worth investigating.

The Youngstown Board of Education and Youngstown State University launch a coordinated effort to improve student performance. A 24-member council will analyze achievement patterns and develop enhancement measures. 

The Lakeview Board of Education says a bus driver who dropped off a five-year-old student a third of a mile from  the child's home has been given an written reprimand, and the matter is closed, despite demands from the child's parents for stronger discipline.

1979: U.S. Rep. Lyle Williams, R-19th, meets with Air Force officials to press the case of Commuter Aircraft Corp., which bid to build short-haul planes for the Pentagon. The planes would be assembled at a plant at Youngstown Municipal Airport. 

An estimated 20,000 people brave light rain and low temperatures along the two-mile route of a parade in Warren to mark the 40th anniversary of Copperweld Steel Corp. 

It would cost $7- to $10-million to remove railroad tracks that follow the north edge of Downtown Youngstown along Commerce Street. Removing the tracks would open up development between downtown and Youngstown State University. 

1969: Myron E. Young of Ellsworth, speaking for the Veterans of Foreign Wars, urges all citizens to fly the American flag as a silent rejection of nationwide demonstrations against the Vietnam War on "Moratorium Day."

Speaking at the Columbus Day observance on Youngstown's Central Square, Judge Joseph Donofrio  says it is fitting that the world note that when great men begin  historic journeys with a step, those journeys end for the betterment of all mankind. 

James McEaneney, 43, of Youngstown is in fair condition in Trumbull Memorial Hospital with fractures of the left arm and leg after a fall from a steel girder.

1944: Juvenile Court Judge Henry Beckenbach tells Youngstown Police Vice Squad Chief Frank Bogner that if his officers can't find where minors are losing their money to gamblers, the court will open its own investigation. 

General Motors Corp. says it will spend $500 million on its post-war expansion program, of which $2.5 million will go to the Packard Electric Division in Warren. 

Production of LSTs, APLs and tank treads is halted at the Youngstown plant of Truscon Steel Co. because of a strike by 200 employees.