As part of Ohio NonViolence Week, two people received the Simeon Booker Award for Courage Thursday night in Youngstown. 

The award is given to someone who has the courage of Youngstown-native Simeon Booker, who became the first African-American reporter for the Washington Post.

Booker was responsible for covering the murder of Emmett Till, which shocked the nation and led to the Civil Rights Movement.

Dr. Harry Edwards and local contributor Denise DeBartolo York received that honor at Youngstown State University.

Edwards is a well-known sociologist, who is a mentor for athletes, including Colin Kaepernick, with a focus on athletes and social activism.

He has been a consultant with the 49ers for decades and is also a consultant with the Golden State Warriors.

DeBartolo York has quietly supported women and minorities both in the Mahoning Valley and the San Francisco area.

She learned from her father that education is the key.

She recognizes the 49ers provide a unique platform to bring youth to education and fitness and has taken advantage of that platform.

DeBartolo is described as being a champion for social justice and dares to stand up for what she believes in.