Being named the "Nicest Place In America" by Readers Digest will be a positive boost for Columbiana going forward.

A huge day for a small town began with the official announcement on NBC's "Today Show."

The big-screen presentation was put on by Tom Mackall, owner of Firestone Farms, and a member of the Columbiana Tourism Board. 

 "It'll do nothing but help us. We're a growing town, a prosperous town, and we want to make this the place to be," Mackall said.

What makes Columbiana attractive is its small-town charm. Visitors come to experience the unique shops and small businesses. The Mayor says Readers Digest was looking for a place where people are nice.

"Columbiana is full of wonderful, loving people and that was recognized," Mayor Bryan Blakeman said.

With this national recognition, the Mayor says the only way now is up.

"I think that there will now probably be lines backed up for businesses, and we're hoping as large industrial and commercial businesses are looking to relocate in this area this will make a positive impact," he said.

The Main Street Theater is where Crown Productions presents its special needs program, and they hope this exposure will inspire others.

"I think just the recognition of our program will definitely spread, and I'm hoping other communities will get involved and start offering theater to special needs," said Debbie Salmen of Crown Productions.

The city manager says, "Come join us, the welcome mat is out. They can come down; we have lots of land. So come down and join up with us in the Nicest Place in America." 

A new large and colorful banner now hangs over Main Street, announcing that Columbiana is the "Nicest Place in America."