October 20

1994: Youngstown State University will send a five-person delegation to Russia in November to sign an agreement establishing links between YSU and three schools in St. Petersburg.

After a two-year struggle to save the historic Grand Theater building in Salem, a Canton-based historical group says it may have a buyer.

General Motors Corp. records a third-quarter profit of $552 million,  a stark contrast to the $113 million loss for the same quarter in 1993.

1979: The Board of Commissioners of Mill Creek Park is considering a proposal to close several roads in the park to reduce traffic, noise, and litter and make the park more hospitable to walkers and joggers.

The Rev. Ron Elkins, a 1970 graduate of Poland Seminary High School and a graduate of Milligan College in Tennessee, will preach his first sermon at  Poland Church of Christ, a new congregation that meets Sundays at Poland Union Elementary School.

The Chaney Cowboys defeat the Wilson Redmen 20-7 before a homecoming crowd of 1,500 at South Stadium.  Chaney's touchdowns came on passes from quarterback Dan Cavanaugh to Bob Steinbeck, Mark Calcagni, and Tim O'Malley.

1969: J. Ronald Pittman, executive director of the Mayor's Human Relations Committee, says the black community must vote, get rid of the hustlers who supply dope to Youngstown's teenagers and make sure that the schools provide adequate technical and academic training for youngsters.

The home of Youngstown Patrolman Frank Spay is among five houses burglarized in the city over the weekend. Mrs. Spay left the house at 6:30 p.m. and returned to find it ransacked at 11 p.m.

A young New Castle, Pa. millworker and a 16-year-old Amish youth were killed in district traffic accidents. Robert Coates, 29, was killed in a two-car crash on Route 65, and John Troyer was killed when his buggy was struck by a car.

1944: Production at Truscon Steel Co. comes almost to a standstill as some 2,500 workers from three shifts remain away from work over long-standing grievances.

James T. Longberry, 21, is killed in action in the Southwest Pacific. His father is pastor of Indianola Methodist Church.

James A. Schilling, 23, electricians mate 2/c, reported missing in action in the Mediterranean, has been declared killed in action by the Navy Department.