The Ohio House of Representatives passed House Bill 65 Wednesday.

The bill, better known as "Chase's Law," would require any child care provider licensed by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) to notify parents if the organization determines the provider allowed serious risk to a child's safety.

The bill is named after Chase Ward, who was accidentally left behind by caretakers after a field trip. Chase was left near a busy street in Westerville.

While Ward was safely recovered, the daycare did not inform his parents about the incident until three days after.

According to the release, the daycare had no obligation to notify the parents of other children in their care.

Current laws do not require childcare providers to notify parents other than those immediately affected that an incident occurred even if ODJFS investigated the case.

"Chase's Law" would make Ohio parents aware of unsafe behaviors and incidents at the childcare facility.

Under Chase's Law, the notification would be given to parents within 15 business days of the official ODJFS review.

"I'm grateful to my colleagues for their overwhelming bipartisan support of Chase's Law," said Rep. Carfagna. "Entrusting the care and safety of our children to others is a sacred commitment. When that trust is compromised in the most pronounced of circumstances, at minimum, there should be a duty to notify the parents of other children under the same care so they can then make informed decisions."