Like the cherry on top of the cake, WFMJ-WBCB TV is changing the main antenna on top of our tower to improve and expand our coverage for people who watch us using an antenna instead of cable or satellite.

As we make that happen, those viewers may see temporary outages as early as Monday, October 28, 2019.

Those intermittent outages could take place over a period of ten to fourteen days, depending on the weather, according to 21 WFMJ Chief Engineer Bob Flis.

“Since we are on the air with a side-mounted antenna now, there will be periods of time where we will have to significantly reduce power or even go off completely while the crew climbs through the antenna,” said Flis who said he couldn't predict when the outages will take place.

Flis says technicians will look for ways to lessen shutdown times.

“The good news is after this, we'll be up to full coverage,” said Flis.

Please bear with us as we make this change that will improve our service to you and your neighbors.