Attorneys for the United Autoworkers Union have told a federal judge in Youngstown that they have settled the union's lawsuit against General Motors over job transfer rights of employees laid-off from Lordstown Assembly Complex and other plants.

The lawyers told U.S. District Court Judge Benita Pearson during a phone conference on Monday that they expect to file a stipulation to dismiss the suit within the next thirty days.

The settlement was expected since it was announced earlier that the issues became part of bargaining for a new contract recently ratified by union members. It is not uncommon for labor lawsuits like this to become an issue in contract negotiations.

The lawsuit revolved around union claims that while GM refused requests by laid-off Lordstown workers to transfer to GM's pickup truck plant in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the company continued using temporary non-union workers at the Indiana plant.

The union claimed that GM was in violation of a memorandum of understanding with the UAW allowing GM to hire temporary employees from May 31, 2018, through August 31, 2018, to support the launch of a new pickup truck.

The contract does not require GM to bring a new product to Lordstown but provides an assistance package for those workers impacted by the idling of the plant.