Dr. John Baird MD is a health and wellness expert. He operates Rejuv Medical Louisville in Kentucky. Dozens of people come to seek medical advice and treatment every day. He is a specialist in orthopedics and sports medicine. He also offers physical therapy, functional medicine, regenerative skin care, hair restoration, IV therapy, weight loss, and fitness solutions, etc.

John Baird MD in Louisville KY provides a customized health solution, which has helped hundreds of individuals return to the prior level of health. Dr. John has helped people with encouraging activities and lifestyle changes. Many patients who come to Rejuv Medical Louisville has prevented further health issues and improved their overall health and wellbeing.

The functional medicine model practiced by Dr. John Baird is an evidence-based, patient-centered, and individualized approach, which empowers him and his patients to work together to address different underlying causes of health conditions and promote optimal illness.

“While conventional medical treatment of medicine does a good job at treating emergency medical and acute situations, functional medicine is a much better approach towards chronic illness.” says Dr. John Baird.

Many of his patients say that functional medicine is not a short cut approach because it takes time to produce more optimal outcomes. Dr. John Baird has employed innovative approaches to address the underlying causes and symptoms of the disease using a system-oriented strategy and engaging himself and the patients in a therapeutic partnership.

Dr. John Baird’s regenerative skincare is a sophisticated approach to encourage your skin to work better. Dr. John provides evidence-based skincare treatment backed with data and proven techniques. Micro-needling, Platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and more may be included depending on your needs for the unique regenerative skin care offered in Rejuv Medical Louisville.

Furthermore, IV therapy can directly deliver treatment fluids into a vein. Dr. John’s patients have taken many advantages of IV therapy i.e. vitamin absorption, boosted energy, instant rehydration, reduce reliance on pills, combating environmental toxins, etc.

Rejuv Medical is absolutely the best clinic in Louisville for IV vitamin therapy and drips” says Dr. John’s patient. Further, “I was feeling sick and I am so happy I came here again for Vitamin IV Therapy because now I am feeling much better” says another patient.

Dr. John Baird is also a weight loss and fitness expert. Many people who are obese and overweight seek the help of Dr. John to reduce weight. According to his patients, the weight loss and fitness programs at Rejuv Medial Louisville aim to make our weight loss journey as innovative and unique as the clinic is.

Rejuv Medical has been helping people losing weight for many years. From the weight loss consultation, people meet Dr. John Baird who discusses the best program for each individual according to his needs or requirements. Dr. John provides a combination of medically-prescribed advice and solutions on how to live a healthy lifestyle based on individual needs.


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