For some, it's a must-have for people looking to give their Black Friday shopping a head start before the Thanksgiving holiday.

The Tribune Chronicle will release its "Early Bird" Edition Wednesday afternoon, but the supplies are limited.

This is the paper's largest edition of the year, filled with Black Friday sales, flyers, and ads for stores across the Valley.

However, subscribers of the Tribune will have to go to one of the 40 locations listed below to grab the special edition before they get their version on Thanksgiving Day.

That "refreshed" paper will have the same ads but have news added from the day before. 

The Wednesday edition will be on stands by 2 p.m. for shoppers who want to get their shopping done early.

As for the Tribune's "Vindicator" edition, members of the Tribune team said they don't have the bearings yet to do a big package, but hope they can next year. 

They said the Vindy will have flyers and inserts with sales in its own Thursday edition, but not as many as the Tribune.  

For those who are not subscribed to the Tribune, the Thursday paper will be available in more than 250 locations across the Valley. 

Here are the 40 locations in Mahoning and Trumbull Counties that will have the paper Wednesday. 

-Country Fair - 1143 N Canfield Niles Rd.

-Mr. D’s Food Fair - 7156 Warren Sharon Rd.

-Country Convenience - 8430 St. Rt. 305

-Circle K - 238 S High St.
-Quinn’s Mini Mart - 6210 Ygst-Kingsville Rd.
-Speedway Gas - 548 South Mecca St.
-Circle K - 3640 State Tr. S

-Sheetz - 2721 Salt Springs Rd.

-Speedway Gas - 806W Liberty St.

-Kinsman Gulf Station - 8065 St. Rt. 7

-Diles Market - 55 S Leavitt Rd.

-Giant Eagle - 4700 Belmont Ave.
-Speedway Gas - 4210 Belmont Ave.

-Conroy’s Express - 950 Ohio Ave.

-BT Oil Gas Station - 15525 W High St.
-Giant Eagle - 15400 W High St.

Newton Falls
-Circle K - 100 E Broad St.
-Convenient Mart - 321 S Milton Blvd.

-Country Fair - 800 Ygst Warren Rd.
-Giant Eagle - 48 Vienna Ave.
-Niles Fuel Plus - 140 W Park Ave.
-Marc’s - 6024 Yo-Warren Rd.
-Para Express - 501 Vienna Ave.
-Speedway Gas - 120 Vienna Ave.
-Buckeye Beverage - 301 Vienna Ave.

-Hurd’s Store - 4378 St. Rt. 534

-Sunoco Gas Station - 277 Youngstown-Kingsville Rd.

-BP Fast Trac - 1290 E Market St.
-Circle K - 4021 Parkman Rd. NW
-Convenient Mart - 1409 Elm Rd. NE
-Country Fair - 1841 Niles Cortland Rd.
-Fast Trac - 5710 Mahoning Ave. NW
-Garfield Mart - 270 Garfi eld Dr. NE
-Giant Eagle - 8202 E Market St.
-Giant Eagle - 2061 Elm Rd. NE
-Sheetz - 3379 Elm Rd. NE
-Sparkle Market - 2587 Parkman Rd. NW
-Speedway Gas - 4504 Mahoning Ave. NW
-Speedway Gas - 4000 E Market St.

Tribune Chronicle - 240 Franklin St., Warren