As the holiday season gets into full swing, you'll be sure to hear the ringing of Salvation Army red kettle bells. 

You can donate the same way as people have for the last 129 years or new this year you can use Apple pay, but not all the donations made online will stay in the area. 

"We do have the option for people who don't carry cash by paying either Google Pay or Apple Pay this year. It's on all of our kettle signs, so if they would like to swipe or do whatever they do, they can pay that way as well," said Major Paul Moore, Mahoning County area coordinator.

The area that will benefit from your donation depends on the zip code you type in when you use the mobile payment device to donate. 

Officials say the goal is to continue using more and more payment options. 

"This is really the first year they're going to be on every kettle sign so our hope is that we will keep that going year after year cause it takes people time to get used to that so yeah that's our hope that every year we will increase that and get the word out more about that," Moore said. 

The red kettles can be found all over the Valley at shopping centers or grocery stores such as Giant Eagle, Sparkle, and Walmart.