After news broke of the tragic safari fire in Port Clinton at the African Wildlife Safari, we spoke with Keystone Safari Owner and Director Adam Guiher. He says he knows the owners and has visited their park; he talked to us on devasting the fire was for the wildlife community. 

"Over the years, we visited their park a few times, so I'm sure we've seen some of the same animals, and it's really a heartbreaking thing to see happen," says Guiher.

Of the ten animals that perished, the bongo antelope was endangered, with only 150 left on Earth. Guither says places like the Keystone Safari and the African Wildlife Safari in Port Clinton continuously work towards improving conservation efforts across the globe.

"Places like us we educate the public about the animals we conserve and preserve the species that genetics from animals that are in zoos today could be the future population of wild animals tomorrow," adds Guither.