Two new officers joined the Warren police department Monday morning during an official swearing-in ceremony.

Officers Taylor Romain, of Lordstown, and Phillip Sajnovsky, of Warren, were sworn-in while their family members looked on in Warren City Council's chambers. Several members of the police department also came to welcome the new officers to the force.

Sajnovsky joins his brother, who is also Warren police officer, which makes the second brother duo in the department's history.

He says his brother influenced him to consider a career in law enforcement.

"I think there's a lot of benefits from it, in the end, you know that you've done something great for your community," he said.

Romain brings the total number of women on the city's safety force to five.

She believes more women should become police officers because women can bring different strengths to the job.

Romain recently worked for the Niles Police Department and decided to get back into law enforcement, because she has a strong passion for serving and protecting the community.

"I like doing what I do to make a difference," she said. "I think that's important, especially in today's world, to have had somebody that enjoys to make a difference too."

With the two new officers on the force, the department is almost fully staffed at 69 officers.

The chief says one officer recently retired, and they hope to fill that job in the near future to have a total of 70.

Warren Mayor Doug Franklin says the income tax levy passed in 2016 allows the city to afford a fully staffed department.