Youngstown's mayor is standing firm in the face of union opposition to the closure of a northside fire station.

This comes as a state lawmaker asks to postpone the closing, and the firefighters union schedules a no-confidence vote against the fire chief. 

 A new voice in the effort to save Station Number 7 is State Representative Michelle Lepore-Hagan, who requested a meeting with Mayor Tito Brown.

"I wanted to express my concerns because constituents have reached out to me, and they're concerned about safety, and they want to keep fire station seven open," said Lepore-Hagan. 

She hopes to enlist the support of other local lawmakers to secure funding for a new north side fire station in the next state capital appropriations budget but says time is short to submit that request.

"Those allocations are usually done in June or late May, but our requests are due the middle of January at the beginning of February, so this has to be done pretty quickly."

Mayor Brown says he is open to exploring those other funding options, but for now, it won't change plans for closing the station on December 16.

"So we're going to continue to move forward, but we're going to work with her as well to see if there are opportunities for us to get in the state appropriations,"  Mayor Brown said.

The mayor was also asked about the firefighters union planning to take a no-confidence vote for the fire chief, Barry Finley.

"It's not professional. I think there are some issues out there that are personal, not professional, against the chief," said Brown. 

The mayor says the union vote will not influence him.  "It doesn't carry any weight with me,"  he said.

The mayor and Lepore -Hagan have scheduled a follow up meeting next Monday.