A Valley woman is closing a chapter of her crusade to help women with breast cancer.

Brenda Rider said she's ending the "Way With Words" Foundation that she started as a breast cancer survivor herself.

She also helped form the ROCCK Children's Choir, which stood for Raising Our Commitment to Cancer Kids.

As she handed out the Presidential Volunteer Service Award to three local women, she reflected on the impact her work has had and why she feels now is the time to end her foundation.

"I started the foundation about 20 years ago, and it's gotten to be a little much and a little difficult to keep going with it, given all the economic downturn the area is going through," said Rider. "The Spano Foundation has decided to because I've been at it so long, Anthony decided, this just can't go with you, he said he's going to sponsor now the Presidential Volunteer Service Award."

The Presidential Volunteer Service Award began under President George H. W. Bush through his "Points of Light' Foundation.

“We are very excited and honored to be able to continue the tradition and partner with Brenda to continue what she has started. She is an extraordinary woman that keeps giving back to our community, and we are here to support this program in every way possible,” said Anthony Spano, founder/executive director of the Spano Foundation.

Volunteers honored with the award today included Julie Vugrinovich and Cheryl Altizer.

21 News Reporter Janet Rogers also received the award for her volunteer efforts in our community.

Janet said, reaching out to help people through the years, no matter their struggle, goes a long way in bettering her own life.