The former General Motors Assembly plant would be used to manufacture more than just electric pickup trucks if the CEO of Lordstown Motors Corporation has his way.

During a Columbus news conference to announce legislation to incentivize electric vehicle production in Ohio, LMC CEO Steve Burns announced that he would like to have the next generation of Postal Service vehicles manufactured in Lordstown.

Burns is the former CEO of Workhorse, which, according to Burns, is among the final four companies being considered by the post office to make electricity-powered delivery vans.

Burns said that if Workhorse wins the post office bid, he will try to convince Workhorse to build the vehicles in Lordstown.

As it stands now, Lordstown Motors plans to manufacture commercial-grade electric pickup trucks at the former GM plant.

In August, current Workhorse CEO Duane Hughes said if they win the postal contract, they plan to build the vehicles at a Workhorse facility in Indiana.