Vindicator file photo/ December 1976 | The Chesterton Club an organization of Catholic men, awarded annual educational grants and scholarships during a luncheon at the Elks Club in December 1976.  Seated are, from left, the Rev. Bradford Helman, Youngstown Diocesan director of vocations; Sister Dorothy Zwick, director of St. Elizabeth Hospital; Mrs. Donald Libert, scholarship winner, and standing, Thomas F. Carey and Robert Campbell, principals of Ursuline and Cardinal Mooney high schools,  William G. Welker,  president; and Dr. Victor A. Richley, treasurer, and Dr. Robert W. Kerpsack, past president. 
December 27
1994: Some 1,200 students in Sharpsville, Pa., schools get only two days off for Christmas and one for New Years as the district makes up days that were lost to a strike by 69 teachers in September. 

The March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation names Susan DeLeo, WFMJ-TV news anchor, its honorary chairwoman of the 1995 Eastern Ohio Division Walk America. 

Cardinal Joint Fire District is considering building its third fire station to cut response times to Northwest Canfield Township.
1979: John Gaydos, 68, tells Niles police that he shot and killed his 41-year-old son, Robert, at his home at 1515 Robbins Ave., after the son forced his way into the home carrying a metal bar after an argument. 

Furnace D at the Campbell Works of Youngstown Sheet & Tube  Co. makes its last cast of molten iron, ending a 78-year history.

Youngstown experiences a 12.1 percent decrease in crime during the first 9 months of the year compared to 1978.
1969: James W. Dellick, Mahoning County elections director, urges college students at home for the holidays to take time to register to vote for the May 5 primaries. 

Vaults of the Home Savings & Loan Co. Youngstown office play hob with some business plans when they fail to automatically open at the start of the day. It took a few hours to get them open. 

Bad weather in the New York area disrupted travel plans of more than 100 travelers between Youngstown and New York. Two United Air Lines flights from Youngstown to Newark were cancelled.
1944: All signs point to Youngstown area civilians getting about 15 percent less meat in the first months of 1945, compared to the last quarter of 1944.  Supplies of canned goods are expected to remain less than in previous years.

Columbiana County now has 19 townships with the addition of one, East Liverpool Township that was created from the separation of East Liverpool and Liverpool Township. 

All Youngstown industrial plants making war materials are asked by A.J. Stephenson, chief of the War Production Board, to schedule work through the New Year’s weekend.