"Dry January" refers to when people voluntarily stop drinking alcohol after the holiday season for a month.

Some say it's a way to start out the new year on a healthier, more refreshed note.

A doctor at Mercy Health Boardman said, giving up alcohol this month could have some positive effects that last throughout 2020.

"There is some research about what people call a dry January," said Family Medicine Physician Stephen Predebon. "There are some results, self-reported, people sleeping better. They are also finding that people feel like they have better control over their drinking throughout the year."

He said abstaining from alcohol could also help in more ways than just dropping some unwanted pounds.

"It could help with things like blood pressure, risk for coronary artery disease, stroke, things like that," Dr. Predebon said.

21 News spoke with some people enjoying salads at Sweet Melissa's on Market Street in Boardman about "Dry January."

"That sounds good," said Kalliope Koullias of Boardman. "I am trying to do a protein shake week or two to get things going."

The owner of the restaurant said they sold hundreds of salads on Friday as everyone is kicking off the year with healthy resolutions.

"We're on our 8th case of lettuce. We make everything fresh and healthy, so it's a great place to stick to your resolution," said Melissa Poland.