For the first time, a toast in New Wilmington at The Tavern on the Square.

People enjoyed wines and beers on Saturday after the end of prohibition in New Wilmington.

Even though prohibition was repealed, the 89-year-old tavern could not serve booze until Saturday because of a local move to keep New Wilmington as a dry borough. 

With the help of some friends, the owner of the tavern, Todd Ulicny, formed a community-based committee to change the decades-old law. The community then voted in May of last year to lift the ban on alcohol.

Ulicny hopes the move sparks new economic development in the area. 

"What we really hope this to bring is increased economic benefits. We want to see more entrepreneurial investment in this town. We want to see more foot traffic here as far as tourism," Ulicny said, and he thinks having alcohol at the tavern is a significant first step. 

The Tavern on the Square is only serving beer and wine right now. In the next few months, they'll be serving up cocktails as well.