A safe and truck were stolen from an Austintown drywall business, recovered, and then damaged when it struck a bridge, according to police. 

Police in Austintown responded to Drywall Barn on N. Meridian Road about a break-in around 7 a.m. Saturday.

An employee from the store told police two men had broken into the business, cut the drywall in an office area, and removed a safe from the hole in the wall. 

Police say the safe contained an unknown amount of money.

Security video shows the suspects move the safe into a warehouse area and onto a work truck from the business with a forklift.

According to the report, the truck had the keys in the ignition. 

The suspects then fled the business in the truck.

Later in the day, the truck was found in a parking lot near Highland Town Lake in Columbiana.

Police say the safe was forced open and its contents removed.

While the truck was being towed back to Austintown, the cargo box hit state Route 11 bridge damaging the roof of the truck.

Police say they are investigating several suspects.