As the Trumbull County Democratic Party came together Tuesday to vote on which local candidates they will endorse in the March primary, some of the party's presidential candidates prepared to take the stage in a debate.
In Ohio, we're still two months from the primary, but as voting inches closer in other states, we asked local Democratic Party leaders how they feel about the pool of candidates for president.
"We have people that are further to the left, and we have people that are very moderate Democratic candidates, so it's going to be an interesting year," said Trumbull County Democratic Party Parliamentarian Jeff Goodman.
Goodman said overall local Democrats feel they have some extremely qualified candidates for president. 
"I think what we are seeing is very common and consistent with what we've seen in prior years, that the pool is widdling itself down and front runners are emerging," said Goodman, adding that any number of those front runners could beat President Donald Trump as long as they 'stay out of the mud.'
"Pigs love the mud, and if you engage in that sort of rhetoric, that this president is so inclined to engage in, the mere fact that you're engaging you've already lost," said Goodman.
And Goodman said, aside from the Democratic choice for the presidential candidate, another critical decision will be the vice-president to run on that ticket.
"I think it's going to be very important for especially the person on the second level of the ticket, the vice-presidential candidate, to be someone that resonates with middle-America and the middle class," said Goodman.