Two employees of the Canfield City Police Department were placed on leave and are being investigated, but the city manager isn't saying who, or why.
In response to a public records request filed by 21 News, Canfield City Manager Wade Calhoun confirmed that an internal investigation is being conducted regarding the “conduct of certain police department employees.”
Under further questioning by 21 News, Calhoun did say the situation involved a city police employee and a subordinate.
Without naming those employees or their positions with the department, Calhoun said the two were initially placed on a week of paid administrative leave after becoming aware of “certain alleged behavior.” However, Calhoun says after three days the two were told they could return to their jobs because police department operations were never impacted.
The internal investigation is still underway.  
According to a statement from Calhoun, the city expects to “expeditiously” complete the investigation.
21 News has made a formal request for public information regarding these two employees and expect more details in the coming days.