After two years as the Director of Downtown Events for the city of Youngstown, Terrill Vidale is on the way out. City Council voted Wednesday unanimously not to renew his contract.

Vidale, who owns several companies, including 2Deep Entertainment, was hired in 2018.

"It was so exciting," said Vidale. "We had record-breaking events; I mean you were at the holiday parade; you saw it with your own two eyes."

After a 7-0 vote by City Council, 1st Ward councilman Julius Oliver said Vidale was in breach of contract.

"Not performing the services laid out in his scope of services as contracted for the city," said Oliver. "A lot of complaints about events not going the way they were supposed to, lot of complaints about if an event was going on, there was no coordinator there to facilitate the needs of the event if something was going wrong or people needed direction. Also, there was a breakdown of communication, stakeholders, constituency, residents throughout the city, basically feeling like things would just pop up without any notice."

Vidale disputes those claims, pointing to the calendar of events that was created and the fact nothing negative was ever brought to his attention.

"We had a calendar of events that had 59 events on there, and they happened. Also, these events don't just happen by themselves, which means a permit had to be signed by five different people to OK that street closure, which means some planning had to be involved in that. Everything I do is very public, so if there was an in issue, I would find out immediately," said Vidale.

Vidale believes he has successfully fulfilled his duties and stands behind what he and the city were able to accomplish.

"You know to have record-breaking events, 8 to 10,000 people downtown that has never happened for a holiday parade, all those things are something that I stand behind, and I believe I left the city in a better place," said Vidale.

Vidale harbors no ill will and wishes nothing but the best for the city he loves.

"The best is yet to come for the city, and I hope there is no gap. People are already calling, saying they want to be part of the events calendar. A lot of success has been created, and I hope it will continue on."

Youngstown Mayor Tito Brown says he will now meet with his staff and look at all of their options. He has the authority to appoint someone to the position without council approval.