As Memorial Day is now behind us, we're looking forward to the next major holiday, The Fourth of July.

But the holiday, commonly celebrated with fireworks, is causing concern in Columbiana about where their display should take place.

Just last year, the Columbiana Area Chamber of Commerce announced they would host the fireworks display at Shaker Woods. Again in 2022, they will host the display at Shaker Woods, angering thousands of Columbiana citizens who have grown up with the Firestone Park tradition. 

"That's when I knew I had to get involved and have our own event at the park," said Tim Spiker, President of Fireworks at Firestone. 

A group of concerned residents, led by Tim Spiker are raising funds for another fireworks show to be held once again at Firestone Park. 

"My whole life, I've gone to the fireworks display in the park," said David Guy, lifelong Columbiana resident. 


"I've been coming here all my life," Spiker said. "Even as a kid, I remember coming here with the food eating contests, bands and activities. We've celebrated with family and friends from out of town every year. The fireworks show is a desire of mine and my family to continue that tradition."

While city council unanimously approved the display at Firestone Park on Tuesday, the Chamber's Shaker Woods display will still take place this year. 

Guy said he expects local citizens to attend the Firestone Park display, while out-of-towners will appear more at the Shaker Woods display. 

"The community has spoken and said they have wanted to see the fireworks in town," Guy said. 

The display is entirely donation and sponsor based. On Tuesday, council members applauded Spiker and his crew for their efforts in maintaining this tradition.

"They came up with it and they set a goal. That's the first thing you need to do and they really came together," said Lance Willard, City Manager with the City of Columbiana. "The Chamber has thrown the event for many moons and lots of hours have went into that over the years. When they made a decision not to return to the park, a groups of residents decided to come together."

Willard said city council members were making sure the group of volunteers "checked all the boxes" and answered all of their questions, primarily around safety. Council members, including Skip Liston, thanked the group for their efforts and how efficiently they've worked with city officials to make the display happen. 

"Our events are going to be all day long," Spiker said. "We start at 8 in the morning through the fireworks show at night."

The Chamber explained Shaker Woods allows for more space, but Spiker said Firestone Park is more handicapped accessible, allows for more food trucks options and offers a better view of the display.

"We want to see something that's been here for us our whole lives continue for future generations," Guy added.

The Firestone Park display is expected to take place on Monday, July 4 at 10 p.m. It is still not announced when the Shaker Woods location will shoot of fireworks. 

Willard said he does not know if the Chamber Area Chamber of Commerce will make Shaker Woods the home of the firework's display for years to come.

Fireworks for Firestone is about 75% to reaching their fund raising goal. Visit their GoFundMe account to contribute.