Ohio Governor Mike DeWine was joined by Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted to announce new online BMV services Thursday morning.

The governor announced that several new online features to make a visit to the BMV much more convenient for Ohioans will be going into effect soon.

Starting Monday, Ohioans will have the option to renew their driver's licenses and state-issued ID cards online on the Ohio BMV's website.

This means Ohioans can now complete the renewal application online and receive an updated license in the mail without having to leave their homes.

"It's [the BMV] not one of those experiences most people enjoy," said Jon Husted, Lieutenant Governor of Ohio to 21 News. "It takes time out of their day and what we wanted to do is improve that experience by taking many things they do like driver's licenses, tests and renewals of your registration."

The service will be available to U.S. citizens between the ages of 21 and 65 who already have a driver's license or ID card that was processed in person.

Drivers 65 and older are not permitted to use the BMV's online functions because they must take an updated vision test in person. 

All services will still be offered at BMV locations if an individual prefers that option. "Even if you go in person, we now have a 'Get in Line, Online' option where you can reserve your spot in line," Husted said. 

In addition, beginning on July 11, the BMV will provide customers with the option of online title transfers through its brand-new Ohio title portal.

The BMV will also soon allow for more convenient driver's examinations for new drivers. Governor DeWine says the permit test will soon be offered online eliminating the need to test in person at the BMV.

"What we've tried to do is improve customer service," Husted said. "We know from just the amount of time that's been saved so far is that it's already totaled into millions of hours that people haven't had to wait in line and haven't had to take to go to the BMV. Over time, we know this will save people time, money and convenience."

Additionally, the BMV will be partnering with other businesses on a pilot project where student drivers can take their license test at eight different locations. Currently, it is unclear how many if any of these locations will be in the Mahoning Valley.

"Everything you do now in person, we want to eventually migrate that all online," Husted said. "People love knowing Ohio is leading the way by making it easy and convenient for them to interact with government by removing those painful annual or every 4 year experiences from their to-do list."

These new improvements will be joining Ohio's other online BMV innovations including a dynamic search function, the 'Get in Line, Online' feature and the ability to see the status of your driver's license or state ID card online or order a reprint of a misplaced or stolen license or ID online.