Fireworks were back at Firestone Park in Columbiana after community members fought to have the fireworks remain there.

Shortly after the Columbiana Area Chamber of Commerce decided to make a permanent move to Shaker Woods, passionate Columbiana residents decided to privately fundraise to keep a show at Firestone.

President of Fireworks at Firestone, Tim Spiker, spoke with 21 News Monday, emotional about the success of the jam-packed day. 

"It is so rewarding to see the excitement on the kids faces when they won something and was able to take that trophy home with them" Spiker said as an example. "It's been a real undertaking and I'm glad the stress is almost over."

The other fireworks celebration at Shaker Woods was canceled last month because of the confusion of who was hosting fireworks here in Columbiana. Spiker hopes this is the only fireworks celebration in the city for years to come.

Spiker told 21 News the non-profit was able to reach their fundraising goal through community sponsors and donations. 

"As long as we can continue to have that support from local businesses and individuals, I think we'll be okay," Spiker said. "It gives me something to look forward to or try to beat for next year."

Community members came from across NE Ohio and the Shenango Valley to celebrate at Firestone Park. 

"Oh, it feels so good. I love country music, so just to sit back, relax and listen to that," explained Linsey Dunham from Transfer. "We had great food trucks here."

"Celebrations like this at Firestone Park is just a reminder of our freedom as a country," said Laurie Aley of Transfer. "Being around the people you love and being around friends and family, reminds you of the privileges we have in our country."

Spiker hopes to keep this a privately operated show at Firestone every year.