A major Cleveland steel company could soon call Trumbull County home after they plan to expand in the Mahoning Valley.

From several tax incentives to bring the facility to Warren, city council members now just have to approve of the plan.

"This is not a bridge as some folks say that's going to nowhere," said Ron White Sr., Seventh Ward Councilman, "this here is a bridge going to somewhere."

Cleveland Steel Container Corporation could soon set up shop off of Parkman Road's Enterprise Blvd. in Warren. Councilman White said this is the largest corporation wanting to build in Warren within the past few years. 

"People try to say Warren is dead," White said. "Warren isn't dead. Warren is moving, moving forward. We're going to do everything we can to get Cleveland Steel Container Corporation here and keep them here." 

The steel company will bring in over 40 jobs to the area and also add more labor jobs with the construction of the complex. "Iron workers, brick layers, and electricians," White added, who is the councilman of the ward this complex would be built.

"This is a viable company," White said. "We don't have to worry if they're spending between $11-15 million dollars. No company is going to spend that and then walk away from it."

Councilman White told 21 News with a major tax abatement that is waiting to be approved by city council, it could even limit crime in the city by providing more funding to the police department. 

"The school system's going to receive money, the city is going to receive money and the township is going to receive money," White said. 

Warren is a part of an enterprise zone, that helps the community's tax base and jobs.

"When you start getting businesses coming in here and people start getting jobs, the crime rate will go down," White said. "But also, it would help us formulate our tax money's so we can add more police officers on the street which would alleviate some of the things going on. This will keep Warren safe."

Neighboring business owners on Enterprise Blvd told 21 News this is a great location for businesses and it's a step forward for Warren.

"It's absolutely good for Warren," said Tarry Alberini, CEO of U.S. Safety Gear. "It'll add value to the area back here and possibly be a stepping stone for other companies to take a good look at this area as far as location goes."

Alberini's business would neighbor the Cleveland Steel Container Corporation on Enterprise Blvd. He added the street is superior because of it's location. 

"It's right off of Rt. 5 and 82 and it's minutes from the turnpike," Alberini added. "I often wonder why this area wasn't developed because it's such a great area. Companies are looking to be close to the highways and byways instead of going into the cities. 

Neighboring businesses located on Enterprise Blvd. include Fresenius Kidney Care Warren, Parkman Recovery Center, Geagua-Trumbull SWMD Trumbull Facility and the Northeastern Supply House.

"We would be ludicrous not to open up our arms to a new company coming in," White added. "Even when this property is built, they can expand if needed. You want to move your community forward. You don't want to become stagnant because if you become stagnant, you die."

White told 21 News county commissioners are allowing Warren's city council to vote on the tax abatement. City council and the zoning appeals committee will meet next week along with the president of the company to answers questions on the facility.

"I do believe my fellow council members will see this is a good thing for the city," White added. "This will be wonderful for the Warren community."

White told 21 News the business could be up and running as early as Summer of 2023.

"This will be a great asset to the area," Alberini said. "To the folks who worked on this, kudos to them."