A five percent rate hike set for next January has many drivers hitting the brakes on using the PA turnpike.
 This is the 15th year in a row that drivers have faced increases in the Commonwealth.
The latest announced rate hike for January has many drivers saying this is ridiculous and they will look for alternative routes.
The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission uses your toll dollars to repair, rebuild and expand over 500 miles of turnpike roads. 
Widening projects they explain can cost from 20 to 25 million dollars a mile. 
"At 80 years old there are portions of our roadway that we are going to be widening out from four to six lanes. Obviously, we need to build and rebuild some bridges and do more and more upkeep to the tunnels on the Pennsylvania Turnpike," said 
In 2007 lawmakers mandated monies be used for other PennDot projects including other roads in the state along with funding mass transit. 
Almost 8 billion dollars from the turnpike has been used to help fund mass transit mass in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and other metropolitan areas.
The recent price hike makes 15 successive years of hikes.
It has plenty of people hitting the breaks on turnpike use looking for alternate routes.
Many people who didn't want to talk on the camera called the turnpike hikes ridiculous.
Others are just hitting the breaks on using PA toll roads.
"I will just avoid it period because it's not worth the money," Joanne Kalacinski said.
"To go down towards any other area like Pittsburgh I will just avoid it completely now," Judy Kielar added.
Toll road users can save nearly 60% with an EZ pass.
For example in 2023 the rate for a  driver traveling from Ohio to New Jersey without an EZ pass will pay around 104 dollars, while an EZ pass driver will pay around 52 dollars.
Drivers can also find an almost 15 percent savings by the prepay PA toll pay APP. 
 The turnpike commission says to expect yearly increases until 2050 since it must pay for money it borrowed for the projects.