As the upcoming school year is right around the corner, hundreds of teachers were honored Thursday in Trumbull County. 

It's a career that often undervalued. The Eastwood Mall hosted their inaugural 'Totes of Appreciation' night as a way to say thank you to more than 200 Trumbull County teachers.

"I know they feel under-appreciated and I just thought with the gas prices this year and higher food prices, I know teachers spend a lot of their on money on school supplies and we wanted to do an event for teachers," said Tom Gober, Owner of Gracylane and organizer of the event. 

Several keynote speakers participating where all teachers here received a tote bag filled with books, jewelry and free classroom supplies.

The event was presented by Eastwood Mall, Gracylane and Captain McFinn & Friends and sponsored by The Grand Resort Med Spa, Junior Achievement, United Way of Trumbull County, Boscov's and Reyers.

"We're just beyond grateful," said Diane Finesilver, 7th grade teacher at Warren City Schools. "We never get treated like this. We never get appreciated to the pint where we feel appreciated. Today, in this age, teaching is not easy."

Participants will heard a keynote address by Dr. Charisse Nixon, Professor of Psychology at Penn State Erie. There was also two "Teach the Teacher" seminars.

Nationally-recognized science educator Jason Lindsay entertained the crowd with his "Hooked on Science" show, along with a presentation by educators from the Medici Museum of Art.

"I don't even have words," expressed Brandi Gazso, Kindergarten teacher at Warren City Schools. "It's so awesome just to see so many educators together and see people we haven't seen in years work at other schools. The gifts and 'thank yous' are just tremendous."

"I love teaching children," said Janell Richardson, 6th grade teacher at Warren City Schools. "I love a part of a school community and a school family. So, they give me the strength to go on every day. After 20-plus years of teaching, I've never been treated this way."

"It's not about teaching. It's about being a counselor, it's about making sure they're fed, it's about making sure they have emotional what they need when they come to school every single day," said Kristin Pishotti, 4th grade teacher at Niles School District. "It's so far beyond the curriculum anymore."

Pishotti said she would reccomend becoming a teacher if you love caring for children. "Anybody who knows somebody in education knows the amount of work that is put into this, absolutely they appreciate us."

Organizers tell 21 News they hope this becomes an annual event and grows every year.