Vindicator file photo / September  20,  1995 | 12th graders Eric Waser and Nia Georgiadis and 10th grader Kris Hayes, students at Boardman High School, were among more than 80 BHS students who gathered at the flagpole in front of the school 27 years ago for a prayer service that was part of a nationwide movement to start the school day with prayer. 

September 22 

1997: Hubbard city and township officials are working together in an attempt to establish full-time ambulance coverage in Hubbard. 

Seven-year-old Terry Walker is in stable condition in North Side Hospital after being carried from his burning Florida Avenue home by Youngstown Fire Capt. John O'Neill, who found the boy covered by a blanket in a smoke-filled bedroom.

A federal judge will decide whether the National Park Service can continue culling deer from the area of the Gettysburg, Pa., battlefield, where 900 deer have been shot over the past two winters to reduce the damage being caused by herds. 

1982: A committee formed to study alternatives to government for Mahoning County is suggesting that the county be headed by an elected executive and council of seven.

Lawrence County commissioners approve a wage freeze for 175 county employees in 1983. Not covered by the freeze are 110  workers at Hill View Manor who have a contract that includes a wage increase for the next year.

Michael Connelly, executive director of the Youngstown Employment and Training Corp., says business and government leaders in the Mahoning Valley must continue to diversify. "Who's to say that Lordstown couldn't close as fast as all the steel mills five years ago," he asks. 

1972: Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. will put on a seventh open hearth, reflecting a somewhat increasing demand for steel. 

A 21-year-old woman whose 2-year-old son was beaten to death by her boyfriend is released from Mahoning County Jail and leaves for Oregon, where she will go back to work for a widower taking care of his three children.

The owner of Ponderosa Park near Salem says it is "ridiculous" that the park is being charged almost $1,000 for the release of acidic water into Meander Creek that killed more than 2,000 fish because the strip mine that produced the runoff is not on park property. 

1947: Mahoning County commissioners ask the U.S. Bureau of Prisons to inspect the county jail and make recommendations on what's needed to bring the jail up to standards. 

U.S. Sen. Robert Taft, R-Ohio, calls for support of a proposal to partition Palestine to accommodate 150,000 Jewish refugees from Europe. 

The Woman's Auxiliary of the Mahoning County Medical Association plans its coming social season during a picnic at Crandall Park in Youngstown.