International artist Remix Uno stopped by Girard to offer his talents to a new Mexican restaurant called El Hefe. 

Uno has spent days working to revamp the building in hope to inspire hope and excitement. He says he is happy to leave his mark on a blossoming community.

"I'm really happy to be able to be at least a tiny part of it," Uno said. 

The graffiti style is a mixture of Mexican and urban folklore. It's mixed with bright colors and Mexican themed animals from his and the owners hometown of Mexico City. 

The owner of El Hefe, Jorge Carreño, says he reached out to Uno via Instagram to help him represent his hometown and brighten up the community as they share a cultured background. 

"Him [being] from Mexico City, he understands my background and he understands what I was looking for," Carreño said. 

Uno's art will be displayed on the interior and exterior of the building.

The restaurant is set to open during the third week of October and will offer brunch on the weekends.