A lot of money is being spent on the Ohio U.S. Senate race television ads, so is either candidate doing a better job of getting their message out?

The Mahoning Valley has seen Democratic candidate Tim Ryan ads for a while now, and more recently, Republican candidate J.D. Vance hit the airwaves.

Media marketing expert, Jeff Hedrich of Prodigal Media, said strategic messaging is much easier for Vance, being a red state.

Ryan has a lot more ground to cover. 

"From a pure creativity standpoint, production standpoint, being fresh, Tim's spots are definitely superior," Hedrich said,
"Obviously there's the football ad when he plays off his history locally as a quarterback."

But despite Ryan's charismatic ads that have been running for a lot longer than Vance, Hedrich said overall, Vance's ads are likely to resonate more with Ohio's majority Republican voters because it's a lot harder for Ryan to sum up his message.

"From the standpoint of the messaging, I think it's very difficult, he's [Ryan] running ads that essentially are kind of denying a lot of the democratic party platforms," he said, "Where J.D. Vance is more, 'Hey Tim has shown his cards.'"

Hedrich said Vance's messaging may be aligning more because he doesn't have to prove himself against his own party's platform the way Ryan does. Ryan has to manage that while trying to take down Vance, who doesn't have the political career history Ryan does to use against him.

"Where J.D. Vance ads are a little more standard, he's not as charismatic as Tim, he's not bad, but he's got a lot easier time," he said.

Hedrich said he thinks the messaging moving forward as Ohioans get closer to the election comes down to which candidate can paint the other as more radical.