SOBE Energy Solutions plans to set up shop in Youngstown and Lowellville to convert waste, plastics and tires into gas and electricity for parts of the city.

As the education process about the project continues,the public still asking questions about their safety concerns. As SOBE energy solutions awaits EPA approval for their waste-to-energy plant, dozens of passionate residents gathered for a town hall on the north side to learn more about the safety of the process.

"I'm going to learn what your concerns are which I think I know most but I'm not going to assume," explained David Ferro, CEO of SOBE Energy Solutions. "And then I'm going to teach you why those concerns aren't true."

CEO David Ferro explained the EPA's evaluation process is strict and complicated when looking at the PTI and emission data submitted. Without the EPA permits, SOBE can't move forward with the process.

Ferro said the EPA will continuously monitor emissions after an audience member inquired about the topic. 

Councilman Julius Oliver compared this project to the turned-down First Energy power line location, saying the public must know all the details and stay educated before they accept this project.

"If we find out this is something that's going to be a carcinogen released into our atmosphere that's going to harm us, all of us are stakeholders as residents," Oliver said to the crowd. 

Fire officials from Youngstown have been vocal about their concern of hazardous biproducts coming from the plant.

The country hasn't seen this process that Ferro calls 'enhanced pyrolysis' through a 'thermalizer.' Inspiration came from a company called KUG based in Forst, Germany.

Ferro said the public can request a copy of the emission data submitted to the EPA at any time. The Youngstown Health Department is also looking into the process.

Ferro continued to explain the waste to energy process is cleaner than burning natural gas, adding it's a way to rid certain pollutants. The CEO clarifyed explosions aren't possible at the plant and that it is safe for the neighborhoods.

The building process for SOBE is from November to April if they gets the thumbs up from the EPA to move forward with the project. The comapny hopes to be up and running next summer.