YSU trustees met to review academic programs that could be in jeopardy Thursday evening. 

With the university cutting several programs in the past, trustees are moving forward with future evaluations of programs struggling with enrollment. 

Youngstown State University trustees passed a resolution to endorse institutional actions associated with ORC low-enrolled courses and low-enrolled and duplicative programs.

"The purpose of the reviews is to ensure the courses, programs, and majors we are offering are viable, effective and relevant to careers and community needs," said John Jakubek, Chairman of the Baord. 

To simplify, the university will begin to make decisions on what programs and courses should be adjusted, merged or even eliminated based off of an ORC study submitted to the State.

The report detailed a total of 179 courses could be "consolidated, rotated or not offered in the future."

The ORC 3345.35 resolution is part of a 5-year process of university evaluations. 

"The resolution is also part of our continued efforts here at YSU to optimize our academic program portfolio and to assure academic efficiency and effectiveness across campus," Jakubek added. 

The report revolves around what courses and majors showed little to no enrollment. About 200 courses were cut within the past two semesters.

"We have a process in place by which we review programs and make recommendations," said Brien Smith, YSU Provost. "We've been working diligently to reduce the number of low enrolled courses, we've been looking at not offering fewer courses."

Provost Smith ensured all current students would not be affected and they will be able to graduate.

"We want to make sure our students have the opportunity to finish their studies," Smith added. "This is my third year. This is my fourth year at YSU and absolutely we are committed to them receiving their degree."

It was not communicated which programs or courses are walking on thin ice. Provost Smith added it is the board's goal to shift as many professors as possible before layoffs took place. 

President Tressel added in Thursday's meeting an oversight committee will be created within the board to evaluate this process. 

Trustees will meet again in December to start deciding what courses and programs would be adjusted or cut.