With the U.S. currently experiencing a "tripledemic" with COVID-19, influenza, and RSV in children, some local pharmacies are struggling to keep certain medications in stock.

"Between the three, there's just a shortage and the manufacturers can't keep up with the supply," said Bruce Cornrich, Pharmacist at Hometown Pharmacy.

21 News spoke with multiple pharmacies, all of whom tell us they recently got a new supply of Amoxicillin, so that shortage has subsided for now, but other medicines like Tamiflu and Cefdinir are still harder to come by.

Cornrich told 21 News the company isn't having trouble stocking these medications. The only prescription the local pharmacy chain is struggling to keep in stock is Cefdinir. 

"Amoxicillin we've been able to get in at this pharmacy," Cornrich added. "I know some other pharmacies I work at that can not get it."

Cornrich says he's had to call physicians to switch to other antibiotics as substitutes due to the lack of supply. Cornrich says the shortage of these medications is likely due to supply and demand.

Other pharmacies such as Cornersburg Family Discount Drug and Village Pharmacy in New Middletown confirmed that these products are on backorder for them too.

However, Cornersburg Family Discount Drug says they are comfortably stocked as of now and Village Pharmacy says not a lot of their customers have prescriptions for either of these medications describing the impact on them as "very low if any."