It's a Mega display full of Christmas cheer and wonder, the Mahoning Valley Historical Society's Arms Family Museum is back again, showing off their knick-knacks and unique pieces.

"Most of what you see are vintage items too that local collectors have put together and they loan to us for this exhibit every year," said Bill Lawson, executive director of the Mahoning Valley Historical Society. "We get 6 to 7 thousand people coming through every year to see just breath taking beauty," he said.

Each display is different from what you may have seen the year before.

"Every year we do new things in here but we also have traditional items like the crystal tree in the front library room which is really on demand, people want to see that every year," Lawson said.

Most importantly, the museum works to capture all the feelings of Christmas Past.

"It's beautiful but it's also nostalgic and it tugs at your heart a little bit," said Lawson. "Especially when you're in a room that ties into your own time period when you were a kid growing up," he said.

To see the full exhibit, you can visit the museum Tuesdays through Sundays from noon to 4pm, and noon to 7pm on Thursdays, starting November 30th until New Year's Eve.